Garrison MP

The mission of capital garrison operation started in 1949. The organization structure was adjusted many times, but the MP troops have been always the loyal and intrepid troops responsible for securing the central government.

The garrison area operation is part of city counter-guerrilla warfare of garrison operation. The operation mission was always commanded by the Garrison General Headquarters until Aug. 1st, 1992, the end of the "Mobilization and Counter-Insurgence Period", and the Garrison General Headquarters was dissolved. The Military Police Command was ordered to take over the operation mission of the garrison area until now.

The capital garrison MP troops are in charge of the Special Tasks, the Services of Regional Military Police, the major administration organizations, the governors' dwellings, and the military fortresses, safeguarding the facilities, the garrison tasks of the bridges, tunnels, and the major thoroughfares go in to the garrison areas.

The Motorcycle Company of

The Military Police Command

The MP Motorcycle Company is a company with a long-standing history. It was reorganized from the MP 202 Regiment Motorized Bike Corps in the Jan. of 1970. Besides the regular missions of safeguarding the major ceremonies and welcoming foreign guests, it is also responsible for the motorcade at the open ceremonies on the monthly graduation ceremony of the MP training center, the yearly graduation ceremonies of the Military Academies, as well as the spring and fall Memorial Ceremonies.

Other than the missions of ceremonies motorcade, the MP Motorcycle Company is also responsible for the regular MP corps services, such as securing the society security, military inspection, barrack garrison, and supporting the services and operational requirements of the regional District Commands of MP.

Armored MP Battalion

Armored MP Battalion (AMPB) is a fast countermeasure troop established in 1987 in response to the end of Martial Law in Taiwan to effectively preventing the severe upheavals in the central government region. It is also the first and a fast response striking force for performing the missions of anti-airborne, and anti-assault, etc, in wartime. In addition, it is responsible for general and special safeguard services in peacetime.


Within MP troops, the AMPB is always well-known for its solid training and combat capability. Fusi camp equipped with a broad and well-equipped training field. The station training of the AMPB is performed surely. After the recruits finished the basic training from the MP training center and had been assigned to the AMPB, they will need to take the special trainings of weapon, communication, and driving of armored vehicle based on duty assignments of shooter, communication private, and driver. They have to pass the specialization exam in order to become the members of AMPB. Meanwhile, the AMPB performs the troop rotating and base training every 18 months and truly performs the station training using the spare time of performing the special services to increase the physical fitness and combat skills for all the personnel and increase the combat capability for the whole troop.


The AMPB is the only troop within MP capable of using the armored vehicles -- V-150S wheeled armored vehicles to perform combat readiness missions, anti-riot, anti-airborne, and anti-assault using soldiers and armored vehicles. The operation strategy, mobile capability, and protective capability are the best among all the MP troops. The AMPB not only can perform the regular MP services in peacetime, but also can perform the garrison operation missions to achieve the goal of securing the central government in wartime. Thus, the AMPB plays a very important role in the MP troops.

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