Military Police Special Service Company



     In 1977, the Ministry of National Defense was ordered to start the training and preparation for forming the Military Police Special Service Company (MPSSC). The MPSSC was officially formed in 1978 and directly commanded by The General Staff Headquarters. In the year of 1987, the command of the MPSSC was returned to Chiefs of the General Staff for Operations , MND(J-3) .

     The MPSSC is responsible for anti-hijack, anti-riot, and performing special missions. In the past 20 years, the MPSSC has carried out the security safeguard, anti-hijack, anti-riot, anti-demolition, training the escort officiers and the military special forces for the other countries. Taiwan is one of limited countries in Asia has the capability to train the military special forces for itself and for the other countries.

     The MPSSC has executed more than 80 secret and important missions for the nation, and contributed significant achievements on securing the national security. In 1990, the National Police Administration(NPA) started the training for the Police Special Service Cpmmando(PSSC), and the MPSSC was also responsible for the training of the PSSC. The MPSSC has a great contribution to the establishment of the current mobile police special forces in the nation.


    M.P.S.S.C By the order of the commander, the MPSSC can perform the rescue of the governors, ministers, foreign envoys and ambassadors, and the anti-hijack of airplanes, ships and vehicles. In the strategy of military operation, the MPSSC can also be used to perform anti-infiltration on the foreign armed forces, anti-infiltration of governors' dwellings, anti-terrorism, anti-assassination, as well as anti-demolition, anti-assault, anti-ambush, anti-occupation, and anti-riot, etc. Within the missions carried out by the MPSSC, the anti-riot missions on the Yanwan and Green Island prisons in 1987 are the incidents well known by people.

     In mid-September, 2004, the Taipei WanAn 27 exercises, M.P.S.S.C. first time in front of the media near distance this present existence, the special operations forces hobby confuses may nearly be away from discovered M.P.S.S.C. personally provides mostly comes from the Taiwan local merchant; If protects item, Pistol sheath, the kneepad (elbow), the tactical vest, the company body black Special operations forces clothing.

     Wireless communication equipment aspect: In first chest pocket communication model BM6-PTT model; The earphone part is VOICEDUCER tympanum biography inspires the telephone conversation type. The non- general civil communication equipment, is Japanese TEMCO product.

     The ambush uses the gun aspect, except original PSG-1, recently already recently 9 Swiss SIG gun factory production SSG-3000, moreover already in use.

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