Intelligence and Investigation MP

The Intelligence Division of the Headquarters of Military Police, and the units it commands -- the MP Investigation Agencies of MP Corps in every county and city, the Mobile MP Investigation Agency, work together with the National Security System and all other Intelligence and Security Systems*.

Besides in charge of performing the 6 major missions of intelligence task, the MP regional investigation agencies are also responsible for the tasks of supporting the criminal investigation techniques in the regions and the services of the regional MP corps.

At present, the intelligence tasks performed by the MP troops are centered on the investigation of the Security of Special Task, and focused on the Military Security and Foreign Affair Security as well as the Society Security. The MP troops are also supporting the investigation of the major criminal cases in the military and society.

* According to the Article 2 of the Organic Act of the National Security Bureau, currently the 8 Intelligence and Security Systems are: Military Intelligence Bureau, Telecomm Developing Office, Headquarters of Military Police, Coast Guard Administration of Ministry of Executive, National Police Agency of Ministry of Interior, Bureau of Investigation of Ministry of Justice. The National Security Bureau is responsible for the support, coordination,

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