Interior Safeguard MP

Loyally safeguarding the nation leader is always the primary mission for MP troops. The origin of the "Military Police Day" reveals the ardent loyalty of the MP troops using their lives to protect the leader of the nation.

As the original interior MP guards stepped into the middle age after coming to Taiwan, more and more Taiwan local people were chosen to become interior MP guards. Most of them were coming from the Kinmen 2nd Sergeant School, thus the interior security system was also called "Kinmen Band".

In 1975, the "Joint Guardforce and Security Command(聯合警衛安全指揮部)" was set up referring to the "US Secret Service", and was called the "United Command(聯指部)" for short.

In 1994, the National Security Bureau(NSB)included the "United Command" into the operation of the national security system, and established the "NSB Special Service Center "(國安局特勤中心).

The MP interior guards of the "Special Service Officers and Sergeants" were solely operated by the MP(Ministry of National Defense Guard). The Police Officer system was included in the "United Command" system during the Age of President Denghui Lee. Currently, MP is still the core in the "Special Service Center". 7/10 of the Interior security officer are from MP.

By the law of the "Organic Act of NSB", the "Interior Safeguard MP" is in charge of coordinating associated organizations to safeguard the security of president, vice president and their families, ex-president and specific personages.

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