Legion MP

In 1954, the ROC military were reorganized in Taiwan. It referred to the organization structure of the US military, and all the services were allocated the Independent Legion MP troops which unit numbers were different than the regular MP troops.

The "Independent Legion MP" troops are positioned as combat service supporting troops. In each operation region, army groups or above are allocated with MP battalions, divisions are allocated with MP companies, and independent brigades are allocated with MP platoons.

The "Independent Legion MP" troop is equipped based on the standard of the light armored infantry, and is the symbol for the military security in the operation region in ocean countries. Its major mission is not fighting with enemies in battle fields but maintaining the military discipline, the order in battle fields, establishing the regional safety measures, taking and managing prisons of war, and protecting the human rights and the safety of human lives and properties.

Pic: In 1986, the military police pictorial - battlefield Jin-Men military police carried out the discipline disciplinary investigation service.

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