The Taiwan Military Police(R.O.C.M.P) is responsible for a vast array of duties, ranging from enforcing the marshal law and maintaining military discipline, to providing manpower support for the civilian police force and performing combat duty in times of emergency. However, the MP's most notable role lies in their ability to provide security for certain governmental facilities such as the Presidential Palace, and to carry out counter-terrorism and VIP protection operations. In addition, it is also responsible for the defense of Taipei, the capital city and political and financial center of the taiwan.

      From the 2006 National Defense Report, Taiwan Military Police performs

  • Military functions:
    • special security duties, including presidential protection,
    • counter-terrorism operations,
    • garrison security,
    • enforce military discipline,
    • support military operations,
  • Supportive functions in civilian affairs:
    • execute military justice and law enforcement missions,
    • maintain public security,
    • adequately support regional disaster prevention,
    • response, and ensure social stability and national security.

       To preserve memories and experiences from military service in Military Police troops, this web site was established in February 2005. The objective of this site is to provide a place for former and future members of MP troops to share their personal experiences and to exchange knowledge. With the notion of "One day MP, MP whole life", wish this site can be the place for the person who is/is going to serve in the MP troops to exchange knowledge, pool the wisdom of the masses and truly carry out the aspect of "Everyone's National Defense".

       Special thanks to MP reservist Mr. Hua for setting up this TAIWAN MP Reservist site.

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